Wonderful Discovery Park

Discovery Park is one of my favorite parks in Seattle. Whatever the season, I always have the feeling I am on vacation when I lie down on one of the huge tree trunks on the beach.

This park is huge, you can bike, run or hike and enjoy the beauty of nature and the scenic view.

When you reach the beach, Mount Rainier is on your left, the lighthouse on your right and the Puget Sound in front of you. If you are lucky you can spot sea lions. No need to be a child to enjoy building houses with floated wood.

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 Discovery Park  



Couple’s last wish, a city pocket park

Couple’s last wish: to turn their West Seattle home into a city pocket park

When I read this story in the Seattle Times I immediately liked it.

A West Seattle Couple wished that after their deaths, their land in West Seattle would be donated to the city to make a “pocket park”. It is a nice lot with a great view on the Puget Sound and Olympics. Their daughters agreed. The house has already been demolished and the pocket park will be ready soon to welcome people who would like to rest on benches and enjoy the view of the Olympics.

But why donate their piece of land to the city?

As read in the Seattle times, the husband “considered himself a lucky man that the King County commissioners had unanimously decided that property auctioned because of unpaid taxes would be sold only to veterans.” So he bought it for $100 in 1946 and decades later decided to “do what he thought was right”: give it back.

This notion of giving back may not be at first understandable.

Recently I read an article on line telling the story of anotherWest Seattle couple giving all their inheritance to the government of the United Seattle. People commented that they were crazy, that they should have made a donation to a charity, and so on and so forth… But when I read the story, it really made sense. Coming from Czechoslovakia, this man had survived forced concentration camps as a teenager during World War II.

After his family died there, he immigrated to the United States, where he acquired citizenship and began a great life. He was thankful for his freedom and wanted to give back to the United States of America!

At the corner of SW Willow street and 39th ave SW


Equality in Sturgus Park

Equality is a sculpture in Sturgus Park, north of Beacon Hill.

Made by Ken Leback and Rolon Bert Garner, it features 30ish similar houses in a row and a preeminent one on a grass hill. Is it Equality when a larger one seems to be above all the others? I like the message it is trying to get across.

A few steps further stands a beautiful Korean Pavilion.

Sturgus park  1144 Sturgus Ave S