December 1st, Around Pioneer Square

On Instagram, I often hashtag #Seattleasalocal but it is sometimes fun to play the role of a tourist in your own city. 

By tourism, I mean wandering in a neighborhood with no map or agenda.

Here is what I liked around Pioneer Square last week.

On Occidental Park, you can see the inside of a shipping container decorated with painting and lighting. It features Seattle in the 20’s and the exterior features the Pacific Northwest forest.
“History, Contained”: 8:30 a.m.–6:30 p.m. every day till the end of December.
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It was windy and cold at lunch time, we stopped at Grand Central Bakery for warm comforting soups and tasty sandwiches.
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Have you already made ou bought your holidays wreaths and garlands? If not, here are some unique ones at London Plane.
20161201_1335_0793 20161201_1335_0791
A fancy holiday pop up store on first avenue (411 First Ave South) with unique gifts for all ages. You can also visit their store online: Flora and Henri 
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Murals around Seattle

I love Seattle’s many murals. Some consider them graffiti, while others see them as another form of art. They also can be ads. Often painted directly on a wall, the murals incorporate bricks, stones, metal or architectural elements in their designs.

Downtown, a beautiful orca.


another one


On the side of Fremont Studio: Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

20150805_1716_2714 20150805_1715_2712

In Fremont, a still life coffee house.


In Fremont again.


In International District, by artist Erik Burke (


In Beacon Hill, on the wall of Kusina Filipina by a group of artists called Matamuros.

20150312_1341_8156 20150312_1341_8159 20150312_1341_8159

One more in Ballard