Klondike Gold Rush

This National Historic Park is always a fun visit. If you have kids, they have surely already had field trips there. Each time, we have out of towners, we “pay” the Klondike a small visit. Pay is not a good word choice as the admission is free.

The exhibit is about the fascinating time period in Seattle history when thousands of people arrived in town after newspapers ran the headline: “Gold in Yukon!”.  The exhibit in the “Park” (the ancient Cadillac Hotel in Pioneer Square) presents the story of the Gold rush to the Yukon, dreams that followed the announcement, the expeditions, choice of paths, gold, and destinies.

A scavenger hunt is available for kids. Ask the Park rangers.

Admission is free.

Klondike Gold Rush  319 Second Avenue South. On the northwest corner of 2nd Avenue South and South Jackson Street.



Wonderful Discovery Park

Discovery Park is one of my favorite parks in Seattle. Whatever the season, I always have the feeling I am on vacation when I lie down on one of the huge tree trunks on the beach.

This park is huge, you can bike, run or hike and enjoy the beauty of nature and the scenic view.

When you reach the beach, Mount Rainier is on your left, the lighthouse on your right and the Puget Sound in front of you. If you are lucky you can spot sea lions. No need to be a child to enjoy building houses with floated wood.

Before you go, find here some useful information: FAQ

 Discovery Park  



Clover Toy Store in Ballard

I love this toy store in Ballard. They have a large selection of wood toys, award winning board games, crafts, stuffed animals, and some great toys from Europe (Moulin Roty, Schleich, Plan Toys, Haba…)

Wandering on Ballard Avenue, I entered the store just because I spotted one of the Moulin Roty cute and funny comfort toys.

It is a little pricy but they are high-quality toys and smart games.

Clover makes me wish I were still a kid!

Clover 5333 Ballard Ave NW