Manolin, a top tier restaurant

We finally made it to Manolin!

The restaurant does not take reservations so it can be almost impossible to have a table unless you are comfortable with waiting 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Expect a longer wait if you have a party of more than 2.


We went on a Tuesday and the restaurant runs a little bit slowly on that day of the week. At 7:30, we only waited 20 minutes close to the fire pit in the patio and had a cocktail while we waited.

If the wait is really too long for you, you can go across the street and have dinner at Joule or The Whale wins. 2 places we already talked a lot about.

At Manolin, the menu is very short. Plates are supposed to be shared: they offer 4 fish plates, 3 vegetables plate, 4 main dishes from the grill, and 3 desserts. Everything was very tempting on the menu, and we finally opted to share 5 plates.

  • Albacore Ceviche with quinoa and grapefruit (pictured)
  • Rockfish ceviche, lime, chili, with sweet potato,
  • White anchovy with beets, (pictured)
  • Winter vegetable slaw, spicy almonds (pictured)
  • Grilled beef, potato, radish

It was really really good. Everything was very subtle. The Albacore Ceviche was very fresh and light. The rockfish ceviche had a delicious balance of taste. The beef was perfectly cooked and so were the small potatoes. The winter vegetable slaw had a very nice sauce and the spicy almonds were a perfect addition.

Our waiter was super nice and all the staff very friendly. The place is simply but warmly decorated.

I may go back very soon. They offer happy hour from 4 to 6pm


Trophy Cupcakes… and Party!

I don’t really like cupcakes. Most of the time they are plain, dry, and too sweet.

But I need to confess that I like the Triple Chocolate Cupcake from Trophy Cupcakes. Made with French and Belgian Chocolate and in a mini size, they are realllllly good! With less sugar, they would be perfect!


Each year, around October 1st (my daughter’s birthday), we order minis. Here are this year’s cupcakes!

Trophy Cupcakes, 4 locations:

Wallingford Center, University Village, Pacific Place, and The Bravern – Bellevue


Brunch in Buenos Aires at Joule

In April we went back to Joule for brunch. This time, the buffet featured Argentinian flavors. And once again, it was delicious, surprising, flavorful, and unique.

We enjoyed cocktails in the patio before being seated.

From the menu, I had the coriander yogurt with coconut granola and rhubarb, and my two friends chose the Steak Coulotte with cilantro chimichurri and eggs.

And then we enjoyed the Buenos Aires buffet. May is Mexican Brunch.

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Joule 3506 Stone Way N.