Chiho Aoshimaat the Asian Art Museum

“Rebirth of the World” is a beautiful modern exhibit of drawings, prints on plexiglass, and a video animation by a young Japanese artist, Chiho Aoshima.

It may be seen as dark but I liked the beautiful landscapes, humanized buildings, and also weird creatures making one with nature. Pictured below are 3 of my favorite pieces.

I am not an art critic so please go and make your own opinion. But I am sure the exhibit will have some impact on you.

Until 10/04/2015

Seattle Asian Art Museum,  1400 East Prospect Street

Remember SAAM is free first Thursday of the month


Suika, Japanese bar and restaurant

Suika is a new Japanese Snack Bar on Capitol Hill. They serve Japanese fusion food, tapas style.

The staff welcomes you with a cheerful “Irrashaimase!” and is super friendly and helpful.

The inside decor is full of character with a fabulous chandelier made out of Sake bottles. I love it!

It was delicious and the experience is even better when shared with very good friends!

We need to go back to taste other dishes like the Oxtail Ramen and the Kakuni Bibimbap (pork, green onion and shrimp and rice mixed and served in a hot stone bowl).

— Suika 611 E Pine Street