Klondike Gold Rush

This National Historic Park is always a fun visit. If you have kids, they have surely already had field trips there. Each time, we have out of towners, we “pay” the Klondike a small visit. Pay is not a good word choice as the admission is free.

The exhibit is about the fascinating time period in Seattle history when thousands of people arrived in town after newspapers ran the headline: “Gold in Yukon!”.  The exhibit in the “Park” (the ancient Cadillac Hotel in Pioneer Square) presents the story of the Gold rush to the Yukon, dreams that followed the announcement, the expeditions, choice of paths, gold, and destinies.

A scavenger hunt is available for kids. Ask the Park rangers.

Admission is free.

Klondike Gold Rush  319 Second Avenue South. On the northwest corner of 2nd Avenue South and South Jackson Street.



The Burke Museum

The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture is the oldest museum in Washington and presents collections of natural and cultural heritage (Northwest Native Art, Geology, Paleontology, Dinosaurs, Mammals…). It is administrated with the UW College of Arts and Sciences and is also a research based museum.

They organize events for everyone, you can find all details here: Events at Burke Museum

On the first Thursday of each month, the admission is free and the museum stays open until 8 pm.

— Burke Museum, UW Campus, 17 ave Northeast and Northeast 45th Street

Don’t miss the totem poles and the killer whale at the entrance.



Live at Museum of Glass in Tacoma


In the world’s largest Hot Shop, you can see artists working. Feel the heat as you watch them create masterpieces from molten glass inside the iconic 90-foot stainless steel cone.
LINO TAGLIAPIETRA, an Italian master glassblower, is now there until February 22. I went there last Friday and enjoyed it a lot.

It is a 45 minutes drive from Seattle downtown but if you cannot go, watch them LIVE following this link: LIVE FROM THE HOT SHOP 

— Museum of Glass 1801 Dock Street, TACOMA