Magnuson Park

Magnuson Park is one of the largest Seattle parks along Lake Washington northeast of Seattle.

You can walk or run on more than four miles of trails or swim when it is the season.

You can explore a range of natural areas. There are grasslands, wooded hillsides, wetlands and shoreline within the park’s boundaries.  Look for kiosks throughout the park that describe the types of birds and animals you are likely find in the nearby.

— Magnuson Park MAP


A walk around Green Lake

A 3-mile walk around Green Lake is always a pleasure, especially when the sky is this blue! Be aware that it may be crowded on weekends. You can bike, run or walk and cross strollers and skateboards. You can also rent a paddle board during summer!

Lucky us, we spotted a bald eagle at the top of a tree. A very elegant bird!

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