Coyle bakeshop

What a delicious surprise! I wanted to go to this place only because I saw beautiful food pictures on Instagram. Since then I have gone several times.

It is located north of Green Lake in Greenwood. If it is your neighborhood, lucky you!

The croissants and Pains au chocolat are simply perfect. I don’t like puff pastry when it is too buttery, but these are perfectly crispy, flaky and soft inside. I think they are the best in Seattle!

For lunch, the first time I went with a friend, we had a fantastic salad and shared a delicious Ham and cheese croissant. I wanted to try savory pastries and take some home but they were almost sold out at noon!

The chandelier brings a nice touch in this modern but cozy atmosphere and I really liked the pendants along the window.

Coyle’s bakeshop 8300 Greenwood Ave N,

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