First outdoor lunch at Terra Plata

Spring has sprung! Temperature was 63°F today in a sunny Seattle.
This morning I was in a mood for an outdoor lunch, so I looked for a restaurant that had already set up their tables on a patio or terrace. I opted for Terra Plata because of its beautiful rooftop.

I had a Moroccan Steak Sandwich: Pita bread with hanger steak, feta, minted yogurt, greens, and olives. The pita was warm and the steak was flavorful. This is a nicely sized dish for lunch.
My friend had a salad: Local Albacore Niçoise with seared tuna, spinach, tomato, fennel, vegetable, soft boiled egg, and bagna cauda. Not a traditional Salade Niçoise but the tuna was perfectly seared and the greens were very fresh.

It was a perfect lunch!

Terra Plata 1501 Melrose Ave

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