I’m 20… in my glass!

All French boys and girls who had lunch at the school cafeteria (cantine) in elementary school played this game.

Duralex glasses were so sturdy, almost unbreakable that they could be found in every cantine. On the bottom of our Gigogne Duralex glasses were engraved numbers (a serial number between one and 50). It was supposed to be our age. There was no real point, it was just simple entertainment while waiting for our food and a reason to laugh at each others. Who was the “Baby”?

This old style glass is now very trendy in restaurants and stores. You can find the Picardie Duralex or the Gigogne Duralex almost everywhere.

The other day, I had lunch at London Plane and… Happy me, I was 20 in my glass. I felt so well for the rest of the day!

Duralex USA 

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