Kickstarter Campaign Wild Roots

It all began with a Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is a global organization, whose mission is to help bring projects to life through crowd funding.

When I heard of this particular Kickstarter campaign, I was immediately hooked.

An ex-chef from Willows Inn wanted to open his own restaurant in Seattle and needed a little help.

In exchange for a donation, we would be invited to a surprise pop-up dinner. Not just some ordinary dinner, but a contemporary 10-course dinner.

We were sure that coming from the Willows Inn (read my post about Willows Inn, the best restaurant in the Northwest), Jason Aldous would amaze us with dishes featuring locally foraged and farmed ingredients. We were not disappointed!

It was a fabulous, unique, and surprising dinner:

In addition to these dishes, we had:
– Parsnip bark,
– Rutabaga cooked in embers, preserved cabbage, smoked halibut broth, lovage
– Bread made with organic buckwheat and rye, butter made from cultured cream
– Sun Choke, walnut, caramelized goat curds and whey

However, Jason Aldous changed his plans and decided he will not open a restaurant in Seattle as previously expected. He is now the Chef at Camano Island Inn and Spa and we wish him good luck with this new plan. This is an address I am going to keep.

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