Klondike Gold Rush

This National Historic Park is always a fun visit. If you have kids, they have surely already had field trips there. Each time, we have out of towners, we “pay” the Klondike a small visit. Pay is not a good word choice as the admission is free.

The exhibit is about the fascinating time period in Seattle history when thousands of people arrived in town after newspapers ran the headline: “Gold in Yukon!”.  The exhibit in the “Park” (the ancient Cadillac Hotel in Pioneer Square) presents the story of the Gold rush to the Yukon, dreams that followed the announcement, the expeditions, choice of paths, gold, and destinies.

A scavenger hunt is available for kids. Ask the Park rangers.

Admission is free.

Klondike Gold Rush  319 Second Avenue South. On the northwest corner of 2nd Avenue South and South Jackson Street.


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