Choukette Eclairs

This new place opened last Summer and is not easy to find! It is located under Pike Market on Western Avenue. You need to walk down the small alley along the newspaper shop and take the stairs next to the Gum Wall. Check the map with the link below.

This bakery is specialized in éclairs and only éclairs. Eclair is a pâte à choux filled with cream. They offer a large variety of flavors but since I am a big fan of hazelnuts, my favorite was Hazelnut Praline.

They are very elegant but also pretty pricey at $5 a piece.

Choukette éclair’art 1500 Western Ave


Le Pichet

I like this cozy nice little place, which really looks like a French Bistro. Le Pichet is a few blocks from Pike Market on First avenue. If you want to escape the touristy crowds of the Market, this is the place to go.

The lunch menu is quite short but you can start with some good baguette and butter.

Tuna Salad: House-made albacore tuna conserve, baby romaine, marinated Orca beans, red onion, oregano and spice-roasted Delicata squash. The tuna conserve was delicious, and the beans and squash were comforting.

The heavy French onion soup (caramelised onion soup with crouton and gruyère cheese): a perfect dish for a cold windy day.

Otherwise the Assiette de fromages or the Assiette de charcuterie is always a goo choice!

They have a good by the glass or pichet French wine list. Pichet is a small pitcher (pictured below).


And last but not least, service was super nice.


Le Pichet   1933 1st Avenue