Happy Hour at Damn the weather!

For us, Tuesday means Happy Hour in different Bars!

Last Tuesday, we had fixed our choice on “Damn the weather”. With this name, it was perfect for the current circumstances…

At 5 pm, it was nearly empty but it filled up quickly. We grabbed seats at the bar because the hostess told us they were comfortable. And she was right!

We ordered a Bitter Paloma and a Pinkerton.

Both were fresh and good but I really liked the first one: Tequila + Campari + Lime + Mexican Grapefruit Soda

Our bartender was super nice. She even offered us a degustation at the end. A mix of Calvados, Pineau des Charentes and some bubbles! It was very French and very strong!

Damn the weather 116 1st avenue S, SEATTLE


A cocktail with a view at The Nest

The Nest is the rooftop bar and terrasse at the top of the Thompson Hotel. Overlooking the Puget Sound, Pike market, and waterfront, this place is really all about the view. 

From 5pm to 12pm, have a drink, some bites and enjoy the sunset! And what is nicer than a sunset over the Olympics? Maybe a sunrise on the cascades.

It was a trendy place last summer and you could get stuck waiting in lines, waiting for servers… But during winter time, on a beautiful day like today, take your chance! They offer indoor and outdoor seating (weather permitted).

I can’t wait to come back on a late summer evening. In the meantime, we are going to try another rooftop place, M’Bar. I’ll keep you posted.

Have a seat,


Have a drink,


Enjoy the sunset!



The Nest at Thompson Hotel,

110 Stewart Street
Seattle, Washington 98101


Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Is Rachel’s Ginger Beer the best ginger beer in the world? I don’t know but if not, it may be close!

Rachel’s Ginger Beer (RGB) is simply handcrafted in Seattle from ginger roots, organic cane sugar, and fresh lemons. And it is super tasty!

Besides the traditional ginger beer, RGB also offers seasonal flavors like pink guava, white peach, blood orange, passion fruit… My favorite is blood orange.

There are 2 locations where you can stop by and have a Moscow Mule (you chose the ginger beer flavor for your cocktail) or a simple Ginger Beer. You can also pick up a growler of fresh ginger beer to bring back home.

At Pike Market, it can be found at the former Seattle Best Coffee’s location:

In Capitol Hill on 12th street, when the sun shines, you can enjoy your beverage outdoor.



— Pike Market:1530 Post Alley

— Captol Hill: 1610 12th Ave