Storyville, a Hidden Coffee Place

The location of this hidden cafe close to Pike Market is perfect: Storyville is located on the second floor of a building across Pike Place Market. To find it, just follow the signs.

The decor is nice and resting in the comfy armchairs is extremely relaxing. You can play a game called IRK that is set on some tables.

Their pastries looked great but I only ordered a cup of coffee, which I enjoyed while relaxing and watching the place.

Through the windows you can see the Market and the Puget Sound, weather permitting.

And of course, WiFi is available!

Storyville 94 Pike St. #34


ELM Coffee Roaster

I met a friend at ELM on a sunny morning during the week. This a nice coffee place with a lot of natural light, and a minimalist decoration consisting of white and light wood and exposed bricks on the walls.

I had a very good in-house roasted coffee (you can see the roaster in the back of the room) and you can buy it by the pound. I also ordered a delicious fluffy biscuit provided by their neighbor, The London Place.

The staff was very nice and I like that they bring your cup to your table. This is a great spot to work. It was very quiet at least during the time we were there (8am-10am) and we had a great conversation.

My friend told me how a few years ago,  she was about to rent a loft a few blocks away with her husband and kids but decided at the last minute that it may be not a good choice. Today, the Pioneer Square neighborhood is changing and renovating. There are still some improvements needed but I like the direction it has taken for the last 2 or 3 years.

I really like this cafe!

However be aware that a parking spot is not easy to find.

ELM Coffee Roaster  240 2nd Avenue South

Monday–Friday: 7am–7pm
Saturday–Sunday: 8am–6pm


Outdoor lunch at Volunteer Park Cafe

I like this casual place at the corner of two quiet residential streets in the north part of Capitol Hill. I usually go there when I’m around the Seattle Asian Art Museum or the Conservatory House in Volunteer Park. I like that you can sit outside and even though it’s along the street, it remains quiet and car noises will not disturb you.

I had Lunch there with a friend, she was coming from Green Lake and I was downtown, it was the perfect location with easy parking.

Don’t expect too many options and sophisticated menu, it’s more homestyle food but the salads we had were tasty and fresh.

– Warm Hazelnut, Crusted Chèvre, Pears, organic greens, and pomegranate vinaigrette
– Chicken-Apple Salad: Chicken salad, organic greens, creamy tarragon yogurt dressing and walnuts


Volunteer Park Cafe 1501 17th Ave E Volunteer