ELM Coffee Roaster

I met a friend at ELM on a sunny morning during the week. This a nice coffee place with a lot of natural light, and a minimalist decoration consisting of white and light wood and exposed bricks on the walls.

I had a very good in-house roasted coffee (you can see the roaster in the back of the room) and you can buy it by the pound. I also ordered a delicious fluffy biscuit provided by their neighbor, The London Place.

The staff was very nice and I like that they bring your cup to your table. This is a great spot to work. It was very quiet at least during the time we were there (8am-10am) and we had a great conversation.

My friend told me how a few years ago,  she was about to rent a loft a few blocks away with her husband and kids but decided at the last minute that it may be not a good choice. Today, the Pioneer Square neighborhood is changing and renovating. There are still some improvements needed but I like the direction it has taken for the last 2 or 3 years.

I really like this cafe!

However be aware that a parking spot is not easy to find.

ELM Coffee Roaster  240 2nd Avenue South

Monday–Friday: 7am–7pm
Saturday–Sunday: 8am–6pm

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