At Frye Museum Through January 8 2017

The exhibition  To: Seattle | Subject: Personal  brings together contemporary works by locally based or locally born artists. These pieces are part of the museum collection and have been acquired during these past 8 years. You may have seen some of them already during previous exhibits but it is worth your time to see them alongside new ones.

Always, FREE ADMISSION and free parking.


DK Pan, Tsunami Capable Tide Stations > West Coast, Video 2015




Mood Indigo Textiles From Around The World

This is an unusual exhibit created around the color blue, showing how indigo brings different moods to the textile throughout the history and throughout the world.

The exhibits encompasses a lot of beautiful pieces like Indonesian ikats, African batiks, Japanese kimonos, Belgium tapestries, and, Egyptian rugs. Each piece is outstanding by its aesthetic and by the technic used.

Don’t miss the contemporary installation made of colored panels dyed in different shades of blue. In the same room you can see dried leaves of indigo plant hanging on the walls along with an explanation of how indigo pigment is obtained from a very special green plant.

I enjoyed a lot my quiet time around these beautiful pieces.

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Seattle Asian Art Museum Volunteer Park 1400 east Prospect Street

From April 9 through October 9th 2016


Kehinde Wiley – A New Republic


The appropriation of the grand portrait

Following the tradition of European painters portraits, Kehinde Wiley looks for models with a lot of personality on the streets for casting. Then the model and the artist chose a traditional history portrait that would serve at a base for the new contemporary art. Pose, background, attitude, and clothes are chosen and the results are amazing.

Some portraits and profiles


Religious subjects

Introduction of black men in religious portraits

This part was my favorite: An Economy of Grace

Through a street casting, the artist chose his models and ordered Givenchy couture gowns inspired by nineteenth century.

Don’t miss the film that follows the entire process.

Seattle Art Museum1300 first ave – Feb 11 – May 8 2016

Kehinde Wiley, A New Republic