Coyle bakeshop

What a delicious surprise! I wanted to go to this place only because I saw beautiful food pictures on Instagram. Since then I have gone several times.

It is located north of Green Lake in Greenwood. If it is your neighborhood, lucky you!

The croissants and Pains au chocolat are simply perfect. I don’t like puff pastry when it is too buttery, but these are perfectly crispy, flaky and soft inside. I think they are the best in Seattle!

For lunch, the first time I went with a friend, we had a fantastic salad and shared a delicious Ham and cheese croissant. I wanted to try savory pastries and take some home but they were almost sold out at noon!

The chandelier brings a nice touch in this modern but cozy atmosphere and I really liked the pendants along the window.

Coyle’s bakeshop 8300 Greenwood Ave N,


Rain City Burger

Super Bowl Weekend is here, it’s not really the time for fancy restaurants or cafés!
While the whole city is cheering for the SEAHAWKS, there is a place in town that always wears the city team’s colors: Rain City Burger. This is a very good place to have a burger.

You can order a MARINERS burger (Avocado, bacon, Cheddar cheese), a SOUNDERS Burger (Cream cheese, jalapeño, bacon, Pepper Jack cheese), or a HUSKIES Burger (Cheddar and Swiss cheese, caramelized onion, Rain City Hot Sauce).

If you are a really hungry Seahawks fan, get a 12TH MAN burger (Two beef patties, four slices of bacon, and two slices of American cheese!). They are really good and there are plenty of other unique options on the menu, even vegetarians burgers.

And of course when you are there, you can watch the game…


Rain City Burger6501 Roosevelt Way NE

(East of Green Lake, North of University District).