Chiho Aoshimaat the Asian Art Museum

“Rebirth of the World” is a beautiful modern exhibit of drawings, prints on plexiglass, and a video animation by a young Japanese artist, Chiho Aoshima.

It may be seen as dark but I liked the beautiful landscapes, humanized buildings, and also weird creatures making one with nature. Pictured below are 3 of my favorite pieces.

I am not an art critic so please go and make your own opinion. But I am sure the exhibit will have some impact on you.

Until 10/04/2015

Seattle Asian Art Museum,  1400 East Prospect Street

Remember SAAM is free first Thursday of the month


Volunteer Park Conservatory

I stopped at the Conservatory during a walk around Volunteer Park on Capitol Hill. The East Wing has been completely renovated and you can now access the 5 different display sections of this Victorian-style green house.


Some areas have benches, where you can sit and relax while watching the exotic flowers and plants.


Volunteer Park Conservatory 1402 East Galer Street
— A place to eat in the area: Volunteer Park Café
— More time: Seattle Asian Art Museum