Lunch at Bar Sajor

Update: As of July 9th 2016 Bar Sajor has closed its doors.

Out of all restaurants in Seattle, this is my favorite place for lunch!

I am always amazed at how fantastic the food is and how cool the decor is.
Tartine on sourdough bread. King Salmon tartare with dill, crème fraîche and pickled ginger ($8.50)
Mulled torpedo Beets with pistachio crème, Orin apple and watercress ($12)

Winter Lunch at Revel

Lunches at Revel in Fremont are always great. The ambiance is easygoing and the Asian fusion food is really really tasty.

I was there last week with a friend and we shared a salad (Corned lamb, mizuna, spicy nuoc cham) and a plate of pasta (Beef, lemongrass and leeks). The portions were just right for us and prices were reasonable.

If you have not been there yet, give it a try.

Same owners/chefs as Joule. read more about Joule.

Revel: 403 North 36th street


Sitka and Spruce

This is a place I’m always happy to go to. It’s located in the back of Melrose Market. The dishes are always very fresh and have great flavors. If you love veggies, then this is your place.
I love Sitka & Spruce especially when the weather is nice, because you can sit at the bar along the window. There is no view but you can enjoy the sun! You can also sit at the communal table with a bunch of friends or make friends there!
If you are hungry, remember that salad or veggies portions are not that big.

Cured salmon, daikon, grilled seeds & cultured cream

Today for lunch, I had “Cured salmon, daikon, grilled seeds & cultured cream”. Delicious!