Parfait in a Jar at Trove

Trove is part BBQ restaurant, part Noodle Bar, part Parfait stand and part Bar.
However, I’d like to focus on the parfaits. At the window of what looks like a food truck, order one of the 6 parfaits offered.

I don’t like to drink in a mason jar (read more here) but I am completely fine having a Parfait in a jar (same for Chef Philippe’s fabulous Chocolate mousse).

$6 and you get $1 off if you give them the jar back after you are done.
Parfait  Stand open 12-2pm and 5-11pm

We would not recommend the BBQ as we were disappointed (coming from Revel and Joule owners) but we have not tried the noodle bar yet.

Trove 500 East Pike