Equality in Sturgus Park

Equality is a sculpture in Sturgus Park, north of Beacon Hill.

Made by Ken Leback and Rolon Bert Garner, it features 30ish similar houses in a row and a preeminent one on a grass hill. Is it Equality when a larger one seems to be above all the others? I like the message it is trying to get across.

A few steps further stands a beautiful Korean Pavilion.

Sturgus park  1144 Sturgus Ave S


Almost Summer at Marination Makai

If you are around Alki Beach on a sunny or at least clear day, I have a suggestion for you. Marination Makai with Hawaiian specialities, umbrellas, deck, and an awesome view of the Seattle skyline is the perfect spot.

And for a little adventure, if you come from Seattle Downtown, take the Water Taxi. Marination is just in front of you at the Water Taxi Dock.

Marination Makai 1660 Harbor Ave SW, Seattle