Suika, Japanese bar and restaurant

Suika is a new Japanese Snack Bar on Capitol Hill. They serve Japanese fusion food, tapas style.

The staff welcomes you with a cheerful “Irrashaimase!” and is super friendly and helpful.

The inside decor is full of character with a fabulous chandelier made out of Sake bottles. I love it!

It was delicious and the experience is even better when shared with very good friends!

We need to go back to taste other dishes like the Oxtail Ramen and the Kakuni Bibimbap (pork, green onion and shrimp and rice mixed and served in a hot stone bowl).

— Suika 611 E Pine Street


I’m gonna be the Queen of Pies

I thought I knew how to bake tarts… but I wanted to get more recipes and learn a few tips and tricks.

My Sweet and Savory Tarts Class at The Pantry was a total success! Not only did I learn a lot, but it was fun, friendly and last but not least… delicious! Yes, I had a bite of each tart, pie and quiche.

Cooking classes take place in the back of the Delancey Pizza Restaurant in north Ballard. The room is cosy and really looks like a Pantry.

Our Teacher, Megan Gordon ( and author of Whole-Grain Mornings) was amazing, super nice and explained everything.

Happy students at today's Sweet and Savory Tarts Class. And now: time for an instructor iced tea + nap!

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We learned how to  properly prepare a good dough with some advice on ingredient choices and then made, in group of 2 or 3, different tarts and quiches:

– Savory apple tart with mustard and sharp cheddar
– Tomato tart with creme fraiche
– Artichoke and ricotta tart
– Quiche with Asparagus and goat cheese
– Strawberry Rhubarb Tart

I had the chance to have a spot for this class at the last minute (not really the last minute but the day before). I am very lucky as all classes are full booked till end of September and their wait lists are pretty long. But I hope I will be able to do another one soon.

Check their website: The Pantry