Lunch Break Cooking Class at Book Larder

If you are looking for a pleasant way to spend lunch time, Lunch Break Cooking Class at Book Larder is the answer.

Book Larder is a cookbook store located in Fremont that also offers a variety of events like cooking classes, signings and demos, author talks, all about food and cooking.




In May, I went with a friend, for their Lunch Break Cooking class. In front of 10 people, a chef demonstrated 3 recipes from a cook book. That day, it was the famous and inspiring Jerusalem cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi. I already had the book and was happy to be able to test knew recipes from it.


First, we had a baby spinach salad with almonds, dates and pita, then turkey and zucchini meatballs with yogurt sumac sauce and finally a semolina coconut cake. Everything was delicious and I made these recipes for guests at home and they loved them!




If you want to buy the book, you can get it at 10% off that day.

Check out tomorrow’s Lunch Break! The menu will once again be inspired by Yotam Ottolenghi but this time, the cookbook  will be Plenty. I would love to go again but unfortunately I am not available that day!

If you are interested, find details and register here: Lunch Break Cooking Class June 6

Book Larder 4252 Fremont Ave. North




I’m gonna be the Queen of Pies

I thought I knew how to bake tarts… but I wanted to get more recipes and learn a few tips and tricks.

My Sweet and Savory Tarts Class at The Pantry was a total success! Not only did I learn a lot, but it was fun, friendly and last but not least… delicious! Yes, I had a bite of each tart, pie and quiche.

Cooking classes take place in the back of the Delancey Pizza Restaurant in north Ballard. The room is cosy and really looks like a Pantry.

Our Teacher, Megan Gordon ( and author of Whole-Grain Mornings) was amazing, super nice and explained everything.

Happy students at today's Sweet and Savory Tarts Class. And now: time for an instructor iced tea + nap!

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We learned how to  properly prepare a good dough with some advice on ingredient choices and then made, in group of 2 or 3, different tarts and quiches:

– Savory apple tart with mustard and sharp cheddar
– Tomato tart with creme fraiche
– Artichoke and ricotta tart
– Quiche with Asparagus and goat cheese
– Strawberry Rhubarb Tart

I had the chance to have a spot for this class at the last minute (not really the last minute but the day before). I am very lucky as all classes are full booked till end of September and their wait lists are pretty long. But I hope I will be able to do another one soon.

Check their website: The Pantry