Lunch at Bar Sajor

Update: As of July 9th 2016 Bar Sajor has closed its doors.

Out of all restaurants in Seattle, this is my favorite place for lunch!

I am always amazed at how fantastic the food is and how cool the decor is.
Tartine on sourdough bread. King Salmon tartare with dill, crème fraîche and pickled ginger ($8.50)
Mulled torpedo Beets with pistachio crème, Orin apple and watercress ($12)


Mason Jar as a glass?

I remember the first time my drink was served in a Mason Jar. It was in a new and trendy place. I thought it was weird. But then it happened again in an other bar and restaurant, then at a friend’s house… The last time it happened was at Skillet.

I don’t find it comfortable or easy to drink from a jar.

Mason Jars are for canning, storage, or can even be used as vases but I definitely don’t like them for drinking.

Live at Museum of Glass in Tacoma


In the world’s largest Hot Shop, you can see artists working. Feel the heat as you watch them create masterpieces from molten glass inside the iconic 90-foot stainless steel cone.
LINO TAGLIAPIETRA, an Italian master glassblower, is now there until February 22. I went there last Friday and enjoyed it a lot.

It is a 45 minutes drive from Seattle downtown but if you cannot go, watch them LIVE following this link: LIVE FROM THE HOT SHOP 

— Museum of Glass 1801 Dock Street, TACOMA