Frozen Cookie Dough

I like to stop in this cute little cookie shop and take some time to drink a good drip coffee.

Sometimes I treat myself to a tasty cookie. If you are lucky you may have one fresh out of the oven.

If you want to be sure to eat them warm, buy a bag of frozen cookies and bake them at home. And because Robin shapes them in a form of a ball, when you bake them, they will be crispy on the outside and stay soft on the inside. Enjoy!

Hello Robin 522 19th ave E


Cookies and Ice Cream

Hello Robin is a Cookie shop in a residential area of Capitol Hill.
They offer every day a different variety of cookies like Lemon glazed Poppy Seeds, Coconut curry apricots, Orange Snickerdoodles but also the classic Chocolate chip. My favorite? The Mackle’smore with Theo chocolate on the top.

Both the shop design and the nice baker make this place very welcoming. You can drink a great fresh drip coffee made upon order, sitting at the counter, where the baker prepares the next batch of cookies in front of you.

This is in partnership with Molly Moon’s ice cream so enjoy a nice ice cream sandwich!
– Nut free cookies all the time.

– Gluten free cookies also available and the baker is working on a new chocolate chip that will be available after Thanksgiving.

— Hello Robin  522 19th Ave E.
Open every day from 9am to 10 pm