Back at Willows Inn

My post from last year’s dinner is here.

We were lucky enough to be able to go once again to the Willows Inn and stay for a night.

It was an amazing dinner : a succession of small dishes and “snacks” prepared with flowers, vegetables, mushrooms, shellfish, and meats sourced locally on the island and the surrounding water. All these small dishes are unique and outstanding. Blaine Wetzel and his team are amazing!

And the day after, look what we had for breakfast…

On our way back to the ferry… we said bye to the deer. A very nice conclusion of this escape from the city.


Willows Inn 


“I have a thing for ferries”

Like Dr. McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy… I have a thing for ferries. I always enjoy the experience, regardless of where I’m going, because the Puget Sound area is so beautiful. The trip itself is like an adventure of its own.

Picture from yesterday on our way to Bainbridge Island.

You can now reserve a spot on a ferry from Anacortes to San Juan Islands (Orcas, Lopez, San Juan, and Shaw) and from San Juan and Orcas to Anacortes. Reservations are open for the summer. The website is encountering a technical problem right now but it should be fixed shortly.