Amandine’s Macarons

Don’t expect the classic typical flavors we usually think of when we think of macarons. At Amandine Bakeshop, they don’t bake plain chocolate, vanilla or strawberry but instead opt for really original unique flavor combination. Imagine: Strawberry Lavender Verbana, Matcha with Shaved Dark Chocolate, Orange blossom Thyme, Roasted Mixed Nuts and Praline Macaron, …


The consistency of Amandine’s macaron is really the way I like it. I don’t know if it is supposed to be like this but I like a macaron not when it is chewy all over but when it is soft inside and crispy outside with the right amount of creamy filling.


So today I went back to the little bakeshop on Capitol Hill (on the 11th avenue between Pike and Union). I was there with a friend and we enjoyed the outdoor seating (4 chairs to be accurate) on this sunny first day of fall.

It was lunch time but whatever… Here is what my lunch looked like today: a very balanced and healthy combination of… a latte and two huge macarons!


I have to go back to taste the other pastries.  The croissants and madeleines looked delicious though.

The Brownie Macaron is really different. It has a strong and delicious chocolate flavor but I don’t really like the chewy texture but… my daughter loves it!

I brought back a box for my gourmands at home.


Amandine 1424 11th Avenue 


Lady Yum Macarons

Let’s go to the Eastside for once.

I love the décor. I was there to buy macarons to bring to a party but I felt so comfortable in this cute shop that I stayed for a while and had a delicious French press coffee with a chocolate macaron.

I can’t say these macarons were the most delicious macarons I have ever had but overall I enjoyed them. I liked the texture and the flavors, and although some of my friends found they were too sweet, I didn’t.

Did you know there is a Macaron Day? Admittedly, there is a day to celebrate anything and everything now, but Macaron Day is on March 20th. Isn’t it an excellent excuse (if you need one) to go and try them?

Lady Yum also serves Champagne by the glass.

They are open till 10pm, so I may also go back for a “petit sucré” after dinner.

Lady Yum Macarons 111 Lake St, Kirkland,


Crumble and Flake

Crumble & Flake, have you heard of this tiny place on Capitol Hill?
My favorite pastries are the Ramos Gin Fizz Macaron (Gin, Lemon and Orange Blossom) and also the Pistachios cherry Macaron.

I would also highly recommend the Chocolate Kouign Aman!


I am a big fan of that place but quantities are always limited so keep in mind that you need to go early.
They are open until 3pm (but they may close earlier if they sell out).

—  Crumble & Flake 1500 E Olive Way