May the fourth be with you

Native American artist Jeffrey Veregge creates great designs and among them are some very cool Star Wars illustrations that I found at the Burke Museum Store.

His work is inspired by comic books, TV, and film, all with a Native artistic approach. I love it!

Look also at his superheroes Batman and Spiderman which are very well done. Here is his website:

He has been commissioned to create the poster for the “Living in the Shadows” exhibit, an exhibit about volcanoes. It will be at the Washington State Historical Society in Tacoma and I will visit it soon.


Living-in-the-shaodow (1)



“Here and Now” at Burke Museum

This is an amazing exhibit of ancient and modern native art. Today’s Native American artists have been given the chance to watch, study, and work with very ancient objects from past generations.

These beautiful pieces inspired them and here is the exhibit that showcases 30 historic objects paired with the new works.

Pictured here are some of them. You may remember an item I already talked about: the mask that inspired the original Seahawks logo. Read my previous post here: The mask…

And this is a good place to go with children, as there is a space where they can design an armor, decorate a “spindle whorl” or create a “memory box”.

Here and Now at the Burke Museum, UW Campus, 17 ave Northeast and Northeast 45th Street

Until July 27, 2015


The Burke Museum

The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture is the oldest museum in Washington and presents collections of natural and cultural heritage (Northwest Native Art, Geology, Paleontology, Dinosaurs, Mammals…). It is administrated with the UW College of Arts and Sciences and is also a research based museum.

They organize events for everyone, you can find all details here: Events at Burke Museum

On the first Thursday of each month, the admission is free and the museum stays open until 8 pm.

— Burke Museum, UW Campus, 17 ave Northeast and Northeast 45th Street

Don’t miss the totem poles and the killer whale at the entrance.