Cafe La Marzocco in KEXP 90.3 building

I love this space! It’s a big industrial open space with lots of tables, chairs and big leather sofas.  I could easily spend all day here drinking coffee and listening to music.

Yes it is a really cool place that La Marzocco shares with KEXP, the radio station. You can listen to music from the speakers and watch the DJ behind the window. The sound is not too loud and people talk pretty quietly. This is pretty unusual and pleasant.

Also check out in one corner the second-hand Vinyl record store (Light in the Attic). I even found some Françoise Hardy and Jane Birkin LPs.

Last but not least: coffee there is really good! They know their stuff and offer coffee from different roasters or brands from all over the US and the world every week. It is a showroom for La Marzocco espresso machines.

To make it short: Good coffee and good music in a nice space!


Trophy Cupcakes… and Party!

I don’t really like cupcakes. Most of the time they are plain, dry, and too sweet.

But I need to confess that I like the Triple Chocolate Cupcake from Trophy Cupcakes. Made with French and Belgian Chocolate and in a mini size, they are realllllly good! With less sugar, they would be perfect!


Each year, around October 1st (my daughter’s birthday), we order minis. Here are this year’s cupcakes!

Trophy Cupcakes, 4 locations:

Wallingford Center, University Village, Pacific Place, and The Bravern – Bellevue


Collections café

This restaurant is full of light even on a grey day because of its large windows. I love the colorful artwork on the wall that look like big vegetables and fruits.

If you have read my past post about Dale Chihuly’s houseboat on Lake Union or if you have visited Chihuly Garden and Glass, you probably already know that he has always been a collectionner.

You will find plenty of his antique collections here. There is a unique display of diverse objects in shadow boxes under glass on each table: clocks, weird string dispensers, doll house furniture, Christmas tree balls, citrus squeezers… Along the wall, there are shelves full of antique radios and bottle openers. And look above! Hanging from the ceiling, accordions… plenty of them, maybe 30 or 40.

You can ask for the booklet presenting the entire collection.

I really like the interior design but the food is also very good. Salads, sandwiches, fish are tasty and soups are also very good. But all dishes are served in huge portions and are a little pricey.

Collections café Chihuly Garden and Glass,  305 Harrison St