Unique Brunch at Joule

For a delicious brunch that differs from your traditional American bacon and eggs, check out this place.

We already enjoyed going to Joule for dinner (Joule is a jewel) and I couldn’t wait to try their brunch. And oh my… it is at the same level and it did not disappoint us.

You choose an entree from the menu and help yourself to the buffet. They change the theme monthly for the buffet. When we went in February it was Cajun and I tried all the dishes! Unique, surprising and flavorful!

Sincerely, these guys are gifted. They also run REVEL (Winter Lunch at Revel and Sunday Day at Revel) and opened a new one (TROVER) that I need to check out some day.

It is $17 for entrée and buffet and they also offer a kids option at $10 (eggs and toasts and buffet included).

Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

I highly recommend making a reservation.
Joule 3506 Stone Way N


Joule is a Jewel

You don’t expect a restaurant to have a nice and warm design in a warehouse style building. Joule does. The decor is really stylish and I love the blue and black creative wallpaper.

The Asian fusion and Korean food they serve is creative and flavorful. Dishes are meant to be shared but make sure to save room for dessert.
I would recommend to make a reservation but if you don’t, enjoy the outdoor fire pit with a cocktail or a glass of whatever you like on a nice evening!

Side Notes:
The restaurant adjoins The Whale Wins, which I wrote about a few months ago. To read the article bout Whale wins.
And check out Revel from the same owners/chefs I also wrote twice about: Winter lunch at Revel and Sunny day at Revel.

Joule3506 Stone Way North